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Journal Publications (a complete list in Google Scholar):

(*corresponding author, underline members in Zou's group)

[J67] L, Mingqiang, Yidi Shen, K Luo, Q An, P Gao, P Xiao, and Y Zou. "Harnessing dislocation motion using an electric field." Nature Materials (2023): 1-6. DOI:10.1038/s41563-023-01572-7














[J66] Z Liu, L Lang, SMAK Mohammed, D Chen, B He, Y Zou "Small-depth nanoindentation studies of an additively manufactured titanium alloy: Anisotropic nanomechanical properties and correlation with microscopic mechanical behaviour" Materialia (2023)
















[J65] W Wang, M Hache, C Cheng, T Lyu, Z Liu, M Papini, Y Zou "Solid-particle erosion of a dual-phase AlCoFeNi2 high-entropy alloy" Wear (2023)

[J64] M Hache, J Tam, U Erb, Y Zou "Electrodeposited NiFeCo-(Mo,W) high-entropy alloys with nanocrystalline and amorphous structures" Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2023)

[J63] S Wang, AA Khan, S Teale, J Xu, DH Parmar, R Zhao, L Grater, P Serles, Y Zou, T Filleter, DS Seferos, D Ban, EH Sargent "Large piezoelectric response in a Jahn-Teller distorted molecular metal halide" Nature Communications (2023)


[J62] X Yan, Y Zhang, Y Zou "Near-superplastic behavior of a body-centered cubic Zr50Ti35Nb15 multi-principal element alloy via dynamic recrystallization" Scripta Materialia (2023)


[J61] M Li, Y Shen, K Luo, Q An, P Gao, P Xiao, Y Zou "Harnessing dislocation motion using an electric field" arXiv (2022)


[J60] L Chen, Z Chen, X Yao, B Su, W Chen, X Pang, KS Kim, CV Singh, Y Zou "High-entropy alloy catalysts: high-throughput and machine learning-driven design" Journal of Materials Informatics (2022)


[J59] X Zhang, Z Han, L Xu, H Ni, X Hu, H Zhou, Y Zou, J Wang "Evolution of precipitate and precipitate/matrix interface in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu (-Ag) alloys" Journal of Material Science and Technology (2022)


[J58] TS Jang, SJ Park, JE Lee, J Yang, SH Park, MBG Jun, YW Kim, C Aranas, JP Choi, Y Zou, RC Advincula, Y Zheng, HL Jang, NJ Cho, HD Jung, SH Kim "Topography-Supported Nanoarchitectonics of Hybrid Scaffold for Systematically Modulated Bone Regeneration and Remodeling" Advanced Functional Materials (2022) doi/10.1002/adfm.202206863


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[J56] J Zhang, T Lyu, Y Hua, Z Shen, Q Sun, Y Rong, Y Zou* “Image Segmentation for Defect Analysis in Laser Powder Bed Fusion: Deep Data Mining of X-Ray Photography from Recent Literature” Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (2022)

[J55] Peter Serles, Michel Haché, Jason Tam, …, Yu Zou, Tobin Filleter* “Mechanically robust pyrolyzed carbon produced by two photon polymerization” Carbon (2022)

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[J50] Li, S., .. H. Chen, Y. Zou, et al. "Controlling the columnar-to-equiaxed transition during Directed Energy Deposition of Inconel 625." Additive Manufacturing (2022)

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[J48] G Niu, H. Zurob, R. Misra, H Wu*, Y Zou* “Strength-ductility synergy in a 1.4 GPa austenitic steel with heterogeneous lamellar microstructure” Journal of Materials Science & Technology (2022),

[J47] H. Chen, Gang Niu, Huibin Wu, Yu Zou* “Revealing Non-Uniform Work-Hardening in a Heterogeneous Structured Steel Using High-Speed Nanoindentation” JOM (2022)

[J46] Changjun Cheng, Xiaofu Zhang, Michel J. R. Haché and Yu Zou* “Phase transition and nanomechanical properties of refractory high-entropy alloy thin films: effects of co-sputtering Mo and W to a TiZrHfNbTa system” Nanoscale (2022)

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[J38] Baoxian Su, Binbin Wang, Yanqing Su, Yanjin Xu, Hengzhi Fu, Yu Zou “Corrosion behaviour of a wrought Ti-6Al-3Nb-2Zr-1Mo alloy in artificial seawater with various fluoride concentrations and pH values” Materials & Design (2022),


[37] Y Zou* “Cold spray additive manufacturing: Microstructure evolution and bonding features” (invited review), Accounts of Materials Research (2021), accepted

[36] G Niu, H. Zurob, R. Misra, H Wu, Y Zou* “Strength-ductility synergy in a 1.4 GPa austenitic steel with heterogeneous lamellar microstructureJournal of Materials Science & Technology (2021), in press

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Publications Prior to University of Toronto

[14] C. Meier, R. Penny, Y. Zou, J. Gibss, A.J. Hart “Thermophysical Phenomena in Metal Additive Manufacturing by Selective Laser Melting: Fundamentals, Modeling, Simulation and ExperimentationAnnual Review of Heat Transfer (2018),

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